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Precision Stamping Parts


Types of Stamping Dies

Dies that are used in metal stamping operations can be characterized as either single-station or multiple-station dies.


Single-station dies include both compound dies and combination dies. Compound dies perform more than one cutting operation in a single press, such as the case of the multiple cuts needed to create a simple washer from steel.


Combination dies are ones which incorporate both cutting and non-cutting operations into a single press stroke. An example might be a die that produces a cut as well as a flange for a given metal blank.


Multi-station dies include both progressive dies and transfer dies, where notching, punching, and cutting operations occur in sequence from the same die-set.


Steel rule dies, also referred to as knife dies, are were initially used with softer materials such leather, paper, or cardboard, but have also found application in cutting and shaping of metals including aluminum, copper, and brass. The steel strip material used for the cutting surface is designed to match the desired shape, and a slot is cut into the die shoe to hold the steel rule material. The characteristics of the material to be cut, such as its thickness and hardness, help establish the steel rule thickness to be used in the cutting blade.


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